Spirits from our past affect our present, changing our future.


National Tequila Day


KOKORO Spirits is Born

While visiting Mexico, Howard Cao (creator of KOKORO Spirits), enjoyed the comradery of good friends while sipping on fine tequila spirits. The concept of celebrating around spirits sparked the idea of providing gifts to clients and close peers.




Story Behind the Brand

The summer of 2018 consisted of finalizing design and branding. As a placeholder, (XXXXXX) was put into place. A brand strategist from the team noted that the X's related to Gyfu, an Anglo-Saxon term meaning gift. The original idea of sharing and gift-giving falls in line with this premium spirit mission.

distillery 04.jpg



Made with Tradition

In Fall 2018, the founder took a trip to Mexico to visit a potential distillery. Casa San Matías, a woman-led distillery, was the ultimate choice based on their traditional techniques used to produce its spirits. Another reasoning for visiting was to try multiple tequila profiles, including Blanco and Extra Anejo.  After an additional endorsement from the distiller, Blanco became the official tequila flavor. 

Serendipitously the name KOKORO was seen by creator while on the trip, and after further research discovered, it meant of heart and mind.

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The Process

The year 2019 consisted of numerous hours of research and developments for tequila. A variety of formulas were tested to perfect the flavoring and taste.  In addition to the testing, the growing and harvesting of the agave plant were studied. Traditional practices of the tahona, a tool used to extract the nectar from the agave, were also observed. Making sure the spirit stayed in line with its cultural traditions was the main objective for the founder.

After submitting the tequila formula to the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, we were awarded a gold medal.

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Amid the shelter in place, the San Francisco World Spirit Competition awarded KOKORO Spirits with a second gold medal. This marked another milestone for a green spirts brand.

National Tequila Day 2020 - Official Launch