KOKORO Playing Cards

Best enjoyed with family, friends, and sips of KOKORO Spirits.

There was no doubt that our playing cards would be a signature piece in our swag collection. From the moment it came up, nostalgia filled the air of those special gatherings around a game of cards. Our founder, Howard, recalled fond memories of playing several rounds of “La Viuda” with his Mexican cousins until the early hours of the morning, with one hand on the cards and the other on a glass of tequila. These are the special moments KOKORO strives to foster through our spirits and everything relating to them, making these cards an essential piece in celebrating community.

With that, we present our KOKORO playing cards, best enjoyed with family and friends.

To honor our spirits' origin, their communities, and our sense of adventure, we have added a game page to our site with various game instructions from around the world. As our collection of premium spirits grows, so will our game map honoring the region in which our spirits were sourced. Starting with Mexico, you’ll find games like the infamous “La Viuda” (The Widow) or “Siete Locos” to enjoy shared sips of our award-winning Tequila Plata.

Our cards will be available when our tequila arrives, as they pair perfectly together. In the meantime, we couldn’t contain our excitement in sharing this sneak peek of our custom set that was illustrated and designed by San Francisco artist, Sean Hipkin.

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